Elegance all the way to your wrist

Refined and elegant, our selection will match all your styles timelessly to the delight of "Ladies" & "Gentlemen".

Spring is already on the nose at LigeSpirit.

We offer our Ladies & Gentlemen our new Unity, a style all its own, an intense black raised by bright needles of color. A breath of fresh air, for a modern and remarkable style.

Unity Spring Gold
Regular price €89,99
Unity Spring Red
Regular price €89,99
Unity Spring Blue
Regular price €89,99

Lige Spirit...

Imported by two young French entrepreneurs, LigeSpirit is a brand made with finesse and subtlety.

Design born in the heart of the Swiss Alps, the brand is now a must on the French market.

Propelled by the biggest social profiles, LigeSpirit is today an international brand! Indulge yourself and enter the story without further delay ...